The first official of the organization

Chairman of the Board: D / Salah Arafa
Executive Director: D / Samar Youssef
The name of the communication officer: Ms Neveen Abd El-Fattah
The number of members of the General Assembly: 36 members

Members of the Board of Trustee

D/ Salah Arafa- (science professor and head of physics at American University - Ashoka Fellow), Chairman of the Forum.
Mr/ Mamdouh Salim(A strategic Expert in Arab and African affairs and researcher in the field of human rights and a member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs) - Vice President of the Board of Trustee.
D/ Tarek Wafik (Professor at fuculty of Urban Planning - Cairo University) - General Secretary.
D/ Ahmed Hossam El-Din (Professor of Environmental Engineering - Alexandria University) - Secretary of the Fund.
D/ Huda Rozkana(Professor and head of intensive care and treatment of chronic pain, Faculty of Medicine - Chairman of the Egyptian Society for the Protection of health and the environment - former member of People Assembly) - Board Member .
D/ Shafika Nasser (Professor of Public Health at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo university - a former member of the Shura Council) - Board Member .
D/ Mohamed Abdel-Moneim (former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social affairs) - Board Member.
D/ Imad Eddin Adly(Chairman of the Arab Office for Youth and the environment, national coordinator of the Small Grants - Global Environment Facility and the General Coordinator of the Arab Network for Environment and Development). - Member of the Board of Trustee.
Mr/ Yasser Sheriff (Chairman of the Advisory Office - Anvaironieks)- Board Member.
D/ Bhaedin Bakri (Professor of Architecture and ecologically green construction Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University, Chairman of the Green Party and a member of the Association of congenital arms) - Board Member.<
Mr/ Muatasim Rashid (Consultant at Investment Counsel Corporation) - Board Member.
Ambassador / Ahmed Ghamrawy (Advisor of the Arab Media center) - Board Member.
Mr/ Assem Kamal (Director of the Institute of Cultural Affairs) - Board Member.
Mrs/ Alia Ashatwy (chairman of Balady association at Port Said) - Board Member.
Mrs/ Mai-ALShafii (announcer at general program) - Board Member.
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