Violence is an issue… and protection is a priority

(Violence is an issue… and protection is a priority)
A regional meeting for children with the participation of two children from Egypt
Over the course of four days…the Arab Network for Child Rights (Manara) organized a regional meeting in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, during the period from 26 to 29 December 2023, with the participation of two children from Egypt, representatives of the children of the Dialogue and Participation Forum for Development and the Egyptian Coalition for Child Rights, namely:
The child: Joyce Rizk (from Beni Suef Governorate)
Child/ Bakr Abdel Rahim (from Cairo Governorate)
With the participation of 22 children, representatives of 10 Arab countries, members of the Manara Network
The event aimed to enhance understanding and communication between children, and come up with a regional advocacy plan to combat violence against children. The children chose the title of the advocacy plan (Violence is an issue… and protection is a priority).
The two children represented the children of Egypt honorably in this regional meeting, where they participated in discussions, work groups and presentations with children from other countries.
Also, on the last day of the event, a press conference was organized, led by the children themselves. The children participated virtually with a number of international organizations and local, regional and international civil society organizations, especially Dr. Najat Majeed, “Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children.” The children participated During this conference, the results and outputs of the advocacy plan on the specific issue will be presented

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