promote the use of solar energy and integrated environmental systems

The general goal of the project
Strengthening the role of civil society in
Spreading the culture of using environmental systems
Integrated solar technology
By creating an integrated ecosystem model
In the main building and administrative building of Al-Azhar University
Boys* (Nasr City branch in Cairo*)

Main building management
and administrative solar energy
A number has been created
2 power stations
With total capacity
104 kW

planting trees
Dense shade
Five islands have been created
With a total length of 237.5 meters
With the development of the main island

Illuminating the main building with bulbs
And energy-saving LED flashlights
And organizing lighting with a timer
We supplied and installed 1,025 energy-saving LED bulbs and a number
59 LED floodlights in administrative offices, in addition to installing a number
5 timer panels to control the lighting timing of floors and roads with
Employees enter and close automatically when they leave

Supply and installation
Waste separation units
Supplied and installed
10 external metal units
+ 5 internal wooden units

Awareness workshops
System model
16 workshops were implemented
With the participation of administrative staff and workers
Cleanliness at the university and male and female university students

Develop and raise efficiency
Student seating chairs
27 double seats have been developed
And lighting them with solar energy
And install the USB unit

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