The official opening of Al-Azhar University’s afforestation

Thursday, February 18, 2021, witnessed the official opening of the afforestation component at Al-Azhar University, in the presence of: Mr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahrasawi, “President of Al-Azhar University” – Mr. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Siddiq, “Vice President of the University,” and with the participation of Dr. Imad Al-Din Adly, “National Director For the Small Grants Program,” and also in the presence of representatives of the Faculty of Agriculture – Al-Azhar University, and a number of students at the university.
Development operations were carried out on the main islands, from the main gate of the university towards Al-Nasr Road to the main building, which is divided into five islands, where trees with dense shade were planted instead of dilapidated and dead trees (which were handed over to the university’s gardens department), while soil turning work was carried out on those islands. .
The dead trees were also completely removed on the two small islands in front of the university’s main building, while the soil was also turned to prepare it for planting.
The attendees and participants praised the success of the afforestation component and achieving the goal of the activity to the fullest extent

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