Promoting the Culture of Using Solar Energy and Integrated Ecosystems at Al-Azhar University

Within the framework of the “Forum for Dialogue and Participation for Development” association’s implementation of the project (Promoting the Culture of Using Solar Energy and Integrated Ecosystems at Al-Azhar University), and within the framework of unplanned results within the project’s activities, work has been done to develop and raise the efficiency of (27) double seats with umbrellas. The necessary carpentry, blacksmithing, and painting work was carried out to make those seats become a lounge for use by students, with a solar panel installed on top of the awnings connected to a searchlight that lights up automatically in case of cloudiness or during night periods, as well as connecting to a USB cell unit to charge mobile phones for use by students. The association also worked to redistribute seats to include seven colleges instead of one college.
Thus, the benefit was maximized as a result of developing the seats in terms of their inclusion of a larger number of colleges, thus increasing the number of students using them, and these seats also became completely usable throughout the day.
The students were presented with a living model, such as one of the applications of using solar energy, such as lighting and charging mobile phones, and also using simple means to develop seats as a simulation model for environmental systems.

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